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Wind Farm Developers

An extra resource for your project.
Traditional wind farm developer clients often have specific tasks for us to undertake, to assist them with resource skills or a resource shortfall, within a project-specific task or programme.

Our Project Development “Star”, covers all the key elements, where we can help.  We can take a project from the first assessment, through development and planning, all the way through to readiness for construction.

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We support development managers using our 20 year track record of knowledge and skills to ensure your development plan goes smoothly and to time.  This involves working with project decision makers and influencers, lawyers and the neighbouring communities in a diplomatic way.

Land owners are key. We work closely with landowners, their advisors, and project developers to ensure that all parties end up with a fair deal. Then everyone will benefit, because these relationships last for as long as the equipment, which is designed to be more than two decades.

The Community - project partners. We have also spent a significant period of time creating, reviewing, negotiating, describing and finalising acceptable Community Benefits packages, under the backdrop of the “Delivering Community Benefits from Wind Energy Development: A Toolkit” document from the DTi published in May 2007 and up-dated in 2009.  Diplomacy and listening here are crucial to maximizing project success.

The Public – our supporters. Over the past few years we have acted as leader and conduit in the public arena, for many projects; been the interface between client project managers and their Public Relations Companies; ensured that messages covering technical details are delivered in an understandable way, by real people who really care.

Let us get your message across, about your project in a clear, concise & professional way.

We are independent, knowledgeable and diligent and we believe we can integrate easily within your existing project team and add value to any project.

Project Development is a people business
and we believe we are the people to help.