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Who are we

As our name suggests, we are a wind power company and we assist those who are looking at wind energy, all wind in fact!

We know that wind power on its own will not be the complete answer to global climate change and our energy challenges of the future.  We do believe that wind energy has a significant role to play in the evolving energy mix, for the UK and globally.

So, our business is renewable and sustainable energy and we focus on those technologies that are the most commercially viable, which historically and currently is wind energy.

We have worked on wind power projects across the UK, Europe, North America and North Africa.

From assessing the feasibility of projects across all these regions, to working on many of them through development - a number of which are now up and running, producing clean power, while you are reading this.  The industry evolves daily and we endeavour to keep pace with changes in technology and policy to ensure we deliver what our clients need.

The emerging renewable technologies and equipment are also looking very interesting – there’s an exciting future out there!