50 Kw generator Skystream

Own Generation

So you’ve decided that you want to look at installing your own wind generator.
You then have the benefit of being able to use some of the power yourself and export the rest.

The financial viability of your project will depend upon:

We are independent of any wind generator manufacturer, electricity purchaser or funder.
Send us your contact details, site details and electricity consumption figures; we will assess the viability of your site and present you with a proposal to help you realise your aim of generating electricity profitably from the wind.

We carry out feasibility studies and report back to you.  You then look at the advice and options.  We visit you to check out the site and to discuss the way forward, in terms of actions, timescales and costs.  We work with you to apply for planning and then carry out all the other project development activities.  Our intention is to work with you all the way through until your project is commissioned and beyond.

You benefit,
our environment benefits,
future generations benefit;

talk to us and we’ll listen.